Posture Corrector for Men and Women, Bodyguard Upper Back Brace, Adjustable Posture Brace for Clavicle and Providing Pain Relief from Neck, Back and Shoulder

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Manufacture; Bodyguard
UPC: 798825565223

Our Effective, Breathable, Adjustable and Comfortable Posture Corrector with Upper Back Support for men, women, adults & kids alleviate all types of back pains and offer shoulder support and improves bad body posture. Aside from better posture, it enhances breathing, body alignment and gets rid of back, shoulder, neck and upper back pain.
Posture Corrector For Men And Women, Bodyguard Upper Back Brace, Adjustable Posture Brace For Clavicle And Providing Pain Relief From Neck, Back And Shoulder

Brand:Bodyguard Manufacture; Bodyguard UPC: 798825565223 ☛RELIEVE BACK PAIN & IMPROVE POSTURE☚ Bodyguard posture corrector for men and women adopts ergonomics design, enables you to develop a straight back and strengthen your shoulders, neck and back, creating good posture, improve the pain in the neck, shoulder, upper back and change the bad habits of slouching. ☛EFFECTIVE&CONFIDENT☚ Our back posture corrector works by training your spine alignment and muscles memory to improve posture, straighten back and stop slouching. Also our back brace for posture will help you to look straighter and taller in a short time. By our posture brace, you will be more temperamental and confident. ☛COMFORTABLE&BREATHABLE☚ The posture corrector has approved FDA, use lightweight, soft, porous ventilating materials that keep your skin healthy. The posture brace made of a thin breathable material which can’t notice under clothes. The clavicle brace doesn’t cause skin irritation or sweating, can be worn at home, work, or gym. ☛ADJUSTABLE &EASY TO USE ☚ Our back straightener has powerful velcro, easy to put on and adjust the tightness of posture support by yourself. Fits 38"to 48" chest circumference. This posture corrector will be invisible under clothes while at work, home or out. So no worry about bad impression. ☛100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE☚ Bodyguard focus on providing best back brace posture corrector and customer service for every customer. If you found any problems or suggestions on our posture brace, please feel free to contact us, we will provide professional support and service in 24 hours.